In my Babaji kriya yoga class, you start to become more aware and recognize the implicating relationship between the inner and the outer. You start stepping out from the unknown zone that you might sometimes feel alongside the doubt, anxiety and possible confusion it brings. Step out from relating and acting from the polarities of life. Of ups and downs of goods and bads.! Coming to live in your real truth from the true you that you are. By separating what you are not.  Learning to relax, clean, heal and quieten the physical bodies tensions, emotions, mental bodies thought processes. Coming to live in the present moment,  to the stillness and clarity of seeing and being. It brings harmony and inner wealth! 

My Yoga practice leads you to a stable, tranquil, relaxed, clear mental state.

Physical bodies healthy state Is of a natural consequence of the practice.

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What is Kriya yoga good for?

Kriya yoga path is for those who seek to know what yoga really is. To understand your inner world and to master it. Through practices of Kriya Yoga, your gain access to far more energy and improved health, calmness, stable state of mind, calmness of the emotions, overall increased tranquility. Since Kriya yoga comes from direct teaching of the Adi yogi(the first yogi) called Babaji who teaches everything to become a fully realized person in this world who has all the potential that a human being can have in his hands.

Who can practice Kriya Yoga?

Past experience of the yoga is not necessary. Kriya yoga is a family yoga and can be practiced in any age and not dependent on the physical shape requirements.

How often is advisable to practice.

For the best results, there is always some little home sequence that I teach you which is quick and refreshing, rejuvenating your whole being and practiced whenever you need.
To practice with me for your optimum result I Suggest a three days a week practice.

                                                                                              OM KRIYA BABAJI NAMAH AUM