Heres a little introduction on how my path has evolved in becoming a yoga lover and a teacher!

My Moto and aim is to make you feel good about yourself and life! Elevate you! Open you up to the wonderful existence and magic, through yogic practices of movement, breathwork, focus, sound, and meditation.

When I started to take a serious interest in yoga, I was attracted to all the yogic teachers and teachings that were out there. My aim was to understand the very root of yoga. What its all about and master it.
The best way to do that as I intuitively felt was to fly to India! I spent months and months practicing with different branches and teachers throughout many years and collected beneficial pits and pieces that really work to bring in the change.

Teachers and branches that have influenced me most

 I started from Osho. The practices were powerful and brought great results in unblocking the body pain memories with the special movements and pranayamas. Unfortunately, in the West people don't know the real teachings and knowledge that Osho shared. The best way to know the real yoga behind Osho's teaching is hidden to read his book "The Book of Secrets". Osho's teaching is still guiding us through his books. Osho explains the path to reaching the self-realization to the true you that you are, in the most basic and intelligent way, offering very simple techniques to become aware of our illusions, limitations, complexes. That was a good start because Osho had designed the techniques especially for ordinary people with a restless mind and emotions. To calm them down in a way that it works. He knew that it's only then you can absorb the higher techniques and realms of Intellect and the true you that you are.

 Psychology degree (Baccalaureate) at the University of Tallinn (TU)  years taught me a lot about different peoples characteristics and problems. It left me hungry to get into the core of getting the answers to the ultimate truth and healing of people. For me, Western science of understanding a person was like scratching the mountaintop ice in an attempt to get to the core of it. But I needed to graduate the and get a degree in order to get the new doors and chapters to open up! So I did! As soon as I did I was introduced to the more truer techniques and understandings of life which was :

Kundalini Yoga teacher training (IKYTA)  
taught me discipline. Power of mantra, asana, and prayer. With these powerful practices that I still teach you can experience your willpower and grow it to an extent achieving the necessary stamina and power to conquer anything.

The Journey Method
came to my life as I was looking for a remedy for the deeper issues in life what people have. You know that we constantly repeat the same patterns unconsciously and suffer for it physically, mentally and emotionally. I was so excited about the method. So I became a Therapist of the Journey therapy. Until today I am an active therapist and a counselor.

Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram.Krishnamacharya, the yogi, and ayurvedic practitioner is the founder of yoga therapy school in India's oldest Tamil Nadu state, Chennai. His developed yoga therapy is a combination of Ayurveda (wisdom of ancient art of living), asana (positions), pranayama (breathing) and mantra (holy syllables), mudra (hand positions), the knowledge of the Vedas, the Patanjali Sutras (the path of self-realization). In yoga therapy, each illness can be healed with specific pranayama, mantra, asana, and medicine from the Ayurveda.  This teaching gave me a strong root knowledge and understanding of the real Yoga and its origins. Those studies are also in my practice today in therapy and classes.

Kriya Yoga and a living teacher Ishwarananda. ACC - The Art of Conscious Change.

As I was a yoga teacher and I had students, I also had the knowledge to offer, at the same time, I felt that I had just sniffed the real world of yoga and I needed a real-life teacher and a lesson to be complete. As the saying goes. When the student is ready, the teacher comes.

I met Ishwarananda my teacher in  2013 and became his student.  From that moment on my spiritual searches of finding the meaning of life and the self-ended. The teaching of Kriya Yoga and Ishwarananda offer me everything I have been looking for. The only thing needed is a constant urge to practice and the results will follow immediately! The teaching of Kriya yoga provides the structure, content, and understanding of yoga, until reaching the ultimate.  Through the five-body system, the world is viewed, interconnected, learned to differentiate, come to the knowledge, the consciousness of living. I realized that a person develops through those bodies or energy swings (7 chakras) by learning the nodules and fluctuations in them and releasing them. An important part here is the preparation of a physical body. Through positions, breathing, mantra, nutrition, movement.

Today, as a student I'm an active practitioner of Babaji Kriya Yoga initiation techniques and passed the Kriya Hatha Yoga teacher training.

The practice of Ingvar Villido, the Art of Conscious Change about understanding emotions and concepts how they affect your life and how to master your life by taking full control on them. Visit ACC-s website at

As a teacher being a student is everlasting! For that, I will continue to gather inspiration and knowledge to pass it forward to you.

From the moment I was blessed with the third initiation to Babaji Kriya Yoga 144 techniques for the ultimate path to the self realization my searches on the yoga path ended. It is such a complete program of asanas, breathing, pranayama, dhyana, mantras that are designed to be a very measured precise roadmap for the wished results Accompanying with the knowledge of the inner enginering techniques of the teaching The Art Of Conscious Change which I have the pleasure to add to my teachings and practice the roadmap on inner development and spiritual path has a well measured consequences of success In my health, career and personal life! Now it is time to make the inner and outer world clearer with dedicated practicing and sharing of these fantastically liberating techniques to personal freedom and ultimate bliss!

The core of my teaching is based on today's Babaji Kriya Kriya hatha yoga system. Learn more if about it:

The goal of yoga is to get to know yourself and all else follows!

That is my biggest wish to bring it forward to you! 

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