Join us for a 9-week online program to practice Kriya Hatha Yoga from the convenience of your home! You will learn the proper execution and alignment of the poses, counter-poses, and how to use (kriya) action in awareness.

Kriya Hatha Yoga is a movement mediation using action with awareness that focuses on physical control to activate the process of realizing who one truly is and the pure consciousness residing in our body. Our life is interspersed with movements from all our planes of existence - our thoughts, emotions, tensions, sense perceptions and our memories. We are caught in a complex web. The postures are chosen to purify us on all five levels of existence.


∙ Mastery of the 18 Kriya Hatha Yoga asanas
∙ Poses and counterposes (stretch & relaxation)
∙ Supporting warm-ups for each asana
∙ Correct alignment and injury prevention
∙ Best sequencing of asanas for top benefits
∙ Proper breathing to support maximum benefits and balance
∙ Ujjayi Pranayama Breathing
∙ 24/7 Recorded Session Access
∙ Q&A with Kriya Hatha Yoga master teacher Terje Mander


- A deep dive into of Babaji Kriya Hatha Yoga; poses and counter-poses
- Benefits of each asana
- Correct application & sequence
- Injury prevention / Indications & Contraindications / Modifications
- Recommended breathing to support maximum benefits and balance; Ujjayi pranayama
- Suggested warm-up & proper relaxation for each asana
- Correct phases of all 18 Kriya Hatha Yoga asanas:
∙ Preparation phase
∙ Dynamic phase
∙ Static phase
∙ Relaxation


∙ Weekly on Mondays, from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM PST
∙ Mondays: 1/27, 2/3, 2/10, 2/17, 2/24, 3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23
∙ Each session will be recorded and available 24/7
∙ 9 weeks, 2 asanas per session


Terje Mander is an experienced Kriya Hatha Yoga instructor with years of experience after transforming her life with the teaching. She holds a degree in psychology, is an entrepreneur, and the author of a detox, sustainable and clean lifestyle book Restart. She’s also a journey therapy practitioner, nutrition consultant, yoga therapist and kundalini yoga teacher. Terje has been a dedicated student of Ingvar Villido Ishwaranada ever since 2013 and is passionate about sharing the teachings of The Art of Conscious Change and Kriya Hatha Yoga with the world.


Babaji's Kriya Yoga teaches a foundation of 18 asana with variations. "The Siddhas, masters of Yoga, recorded their teachings on palm leaves. The Siddhas viewed ones life and body as their experimental field. A human body they said, was to be transformed into a divine body and used as an aid to self-realization. The Siddhas spoke of some 8.4-million hatha yoga asanas. Babaji distilled the practice of his Hatha Yoga down to the standard 17 and the sun salutation series, with variations to be used to condition the subtle body and to prepare it for deep states of meditation. This series of asana when practiced daily with the "kriyas" (repetitive micro-movements), deeply and thoroughly massage and cleanse energy pathways and strengthen organs and systems throughout the physical body, in addition to stimulating the awakening of the kundalini shakti, by generating an internal heat. The intensity of a daily practice greatly benefits us both physically and spiritually. For indeed, it is the daily repetition, practicing patiently with ever increasing perseverance, which generates this internal heat. The physical movements of the asana alone strengthen the body and the developing awareness can bring success in day-to-day activities. But in addition, the daily practice of Kriya (action with awareness) Hatha Yoga, which combines awareness with physical control, activates the process of realizing who one truly is. Who we are is pure consciousness residing in a body. Our life is interspersed with movements from all our planes of existence, our thoughts, emotions, tensions, sense perceptions and our memories. We are caught in a complex web. The postures within the 18 series were chosen to purify us on all five levels of existence. To purify and calm the mind is to purify a certain function of consciousness, but it has to be supported by work on the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels. These postures as a science can teach us to have awareness of the physical body as a whole without separating it into mind, body, and sensations. We have to change the whole of life simultaneously, not just in bits, piece by piece. We must learn to be attentive to the physical body and its inner sensations, for the body itself is a guide to our health. We can support the body by strengthening its nervous system. We build strong nerves by directing the movements of energy within the body in the stillness of a static pose. In stillness with attention on slowing the breath, our thoughts slow and come to rest leading us to discover the source of our thoughts. From this place, we can begin self-examination of our habitual doubts and fears and impulses, as well as perceive and nourish our spiritual aspirations. It is only with a calm mind that the higher spiritual faculties of insight and intuition can work on us. This is a Yoga of transformation.

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