Today I contemplate on the postures and from where they came about.

It all started approximately 15000 years ago. When out of nowhere, a first Yogi called Adi Yogi appeared.    

Around him gathered some men, to whom he passed on 108 practices of self-realization. Or so the legend explains it.

Those men started practicing what the Adi Yogi taught and were often seen sitting in a meditative posture for days. Everyone were curious about their practices and of their simultaneous positions; they got in and remained from time to time.

What happened is that when the psychosomatic energy cords needed to release the blockages that were standing in the way of the free energy flow, the body tried to adjust itself and help this release to take place by going into a certain position or angle.

The people who also had an aspiration to become self-realized and having those unhuman powers called siddhis, started to make notes and imitate the postures to manipulate and enhance the free energy flow from energy cords (nadis) in the body.

The body becomes stiff and sick and chronically painful if we don't let the energy flow freely in our Physical bodies system. That's why we have certain postures to release and cleanse and retain the flow of prana and life force in the body.

That is the primary goal of yoga posture done correctly.

It is not possible to reach higher in your spiritual aspirations in yoga when you haven't mastered the witnessing, concentration, focusing, quieting the emotions and mental body (thought process), relaxing the physical body, and the secret of intention.

This all can be taught and mastered with Kriya Hatha Yoga's continual practices with the guidance of an experienced teacher.