Tuesdays, Thursdays.
20.00.-20.35. Pacific Time

The course offers:

  • How to master the techniques and begin your own personal experiential development of refinement and preparation for a deeper experience of 18 Siddhas Asana practice.
  • Immerse deeper into Babaji all-pervading consciousness
  • Increase Physical bodies awareness.
  • Learn to be more present
  • Learn various independent warmups
  • How to make proper postures in a non-harming way.
  • Three phases of posture
  • When to apply the postures and what sequences would bring in the greater benefits
  • How to use the breathing and different techniques to bring in the balance and positive change
  • Usage of co-contractions for support, deepening, greater alignment of postures.
  • You will learn and get a direct knowledge on how to apply these techniques into everyday life for the personal practice of your highest benefit. For the preparation of the physical body for vital bodies Pranayamas and mental bodies Dhyanas.

Additional weekly videos on the specifics of Babaji Kriya Hatha Yoga practice.

Yoga Nidra deep relaxation

Lifestyle nutrition tips to support your journey.

One on one weekly personal coaching session


Course content.

2 yoga sessions of 35 minutes per week. Tuesday, Thursday 20.00.-20.30.

3 min theory, explanation


Indications, counter-indications.

Preparation phase

Dynamic phase

Static phase


Weekly personal consultation, answering questions and guidance through online.

NB! The course is taking place in facebook private group environment. Further details after registering to the course.

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