She has transformed her relationships, healed eating disorders, quit smoking, overcome eating disorder and build success in her career including writing a book.

She's an experienced Kriya Hatha Yoga instructor who holds a degree in psychology, entrepreneur, and the author of a detox, sustainable and clean lifestyle book Restart. She’s also a journey therapist, nutritionist, yoga therapist, and kundalini yoga teacher.

Healing people's lives through yoga, meditation, nutrition, and therapy is my area of expertise. 
I offer personal guidance in yoga, meditation, nutrition and spiritual evolvement.
I teach yoga to people of every age group and experience.
Yoga as therapy applied correctly can bring great benefits to every person no matter the physical condition.
My personal goal is coaching clients in a way that they will develop their own personal practice and skill set of tools to manage their health, energy, emotions and thought processes. To heal the past trauma and tensities. Be it physical, emotional or mental.
Yogic techniques work in a way of releasing past ties and attachments that keep you in your condition.
The right technique at the right time can change it.

Yoga is a path to self-discovery and designed to free you of that which you are not.
The path of yoga consists of 8 limbs(steps), according to ancient scriptures, Patanjali describing the way. 
We have a structured full proof map on how to evolve as humans as souls to our maximum. How to raise vibration, energy. How to widen our capacity and rid ourselves of our limitations and sufferings. 
Knowing the way and steps to self-discovery gives you the edge of reaching to what every human being has come here to do. To know thyself and be emerged with it. To have emerged with the ever-present God-consciousness, be one with it. And this what yoga gradually does. 
To bring in the permanent balance and bliss and knowing who you are.